A Prezi Presentation of the Marketing Strategy Planning Process

Posted by Joe Cannon

The marketing strategy planning process model in this Prezi presentation provides an overarching framework for our marketing text books.  We provide an introduction of this in chapter 2, and those of you using our books might find this Prezi a nice addition to class. I believe this will require Flash animation — so you may not be able to view it on an iPad.  Here are some keys to operating the Prezi:

  • Click “More” and have it play full screen — the effects are much better.
  • Use the forward/back arrow to move forward/back through the presentation one step at a time
  • When you come to some of the embedded videos, simply hover your cursor over the video and you will see the “play” arrow.  If you click the video again, it will get larger
  • For readers of our books the narration should be straightforward to figure out — probably for most viewers.
  • Note that the chapter numbers correspond to Essentials of Marketing — and will differ slightly for Basic Marketing.

For everyone — this is my first Prezi.  There are some things I have learned — you need to have a high resolution version of any model you zoom into.  I am working on fixing that.  Please tell me what you think?  Anyone else have experience with Prezi?  Any tips?  Click on the comments link below and tell me what you think.  I have also published this at Learn the 4 Ps.

NOTE (January 17, 2013):  This is not designed to be something you show in class and walk away from.  It is like PowerPoint slides that come with the text book — the instructor provides the sound (narration) as you click through the Prezi. Prezi does not have a way to easily add narration.  I apologize for not being more clear in the initial post.

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