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Adobe’ Firefly AI Automates Major Elements of a Marketing Strategy Planning

Artificial intelligence is getting smarter and smarter–and it is automating more and more marketing tasks. Last summer Teach the 4 Ps described a blog post by Ethan Mollick explaining how he used ChatGPT to create a marketing plan in 30 minutes. He estimated this took him less than 10% of the time it would have taken with a team working on it. As with many things “AI” new tools are evolving and improving at a rapid pace.

Adobe is creating a series of tools that further automate the marketing planning process. They are using NBA Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal to help them promote the new product line. The video below (5:29) provides a demonstration of Adobe’s Project Perfect Plays. This tool, using Adobe’s Firefly generative AI, allows marketing professionals to generate an advertising campaign (with a lot of related details) with a few short text descriptions. And it does this in just a few minutes. (Chapters 2 and 19)

Adobe’s product line includes the following (the links are to a video of each, read a bit more about them here). It is not clear to me when these will be available.

  • Project Get Personal – “deliver personalized imagers seamless across multiple channels” (Chapter 4)
  • Project Ready Click Go – “enables brands to create a full digital experience” (Chapter 13)
  • Project Brand Slam – “streamlines compliance across marketing assets with generative AI” (Chapter 13)
  • Project Promo Mojo – “streamlines campaign launch and content creation” (Chapters 2, 13, Bonus Chapters 1 and 2).
  • Project Infograph – “simplifies the infograph creation process” (Chapter 16)

You might assign or show these videos in class when you cover the topics as noted above. The videos are generally 6-12 minutes long, so they could be shown and discussed in class. I think they give students an idea of the marketing world they are getting into.

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