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Webinar: Purpose Orientation and Marketing Strategy

Back in March, 2023, I made a presentation on some research I have been doing with two of my colleagues at Colorado State University. The research builds on many of the ideas that have been included in the last couple of editions of Essentials of Marketing. These ideas have been called out in the book under the banner “Marketing for a Better World” (#M4BW) and in the latest (just published) edition explicitly as purpose orientation. The objective is to remind (show?) students that marketing serves positive purposes; most of our students already have some idea of the negative purposes marketing might serve. The webinar describes purpose orientation and talks about how you can use some of these ideas when teaching marketing.

In our research, we find that many companies are moving beyond a market orientation and operating with, what we call, a purpose orientation. The 50 minute presentation I made can be found below. You can download the slides to the presentation by clicking here. If you are interested in seeing a working paper from our research and/or an executive summary, please shoot me (Joe Cannon) and email — put “Purpose Orientation Research” in the subject line. And if you have questions or comments, please post them below or send me an email. Thanks for the interest.

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