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Some fun advertising to show on the last day of class (or maybe any time)

I try to have some sort of fun activity for my students on the last day of class. And sometimes, I like to simply get their attention by showing (and explaining the underlying rationale) of an advertisement. I recently stumbled upon a post professing to show “The best adverts of the 2010s.” These is a nice mix of ads I remember along with many that are new to me. What I especially like about this post is that the ads were chosen and commented on by experts. Comments like these give me ideas about what to talk about when I show them in class.

One idea for making a more interactive class session could be be to create a think-pair-share exercise for one or more of these. Show an ad and ask students to identify the target market, promotion objectives, and copy thrust. Call on a few groups to share their thoughts and then move to the next ad. If you prefer to go even more retro, you can see best adverts, by decade, back to the 1930s).

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