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Why do people share certain online videos?

The question in this headline is an important one for marketing managers. Many companies like the “pass-along” strategy where customers share content with other customers. Recipients of the message are more likely to pay attention when it comes from a trusted source.

Here at Teach the 4 Ps we have posted about what makes for viral content. And the just-published 15th edition of Essentials of Marketing includes a new What’s Next? box that discusses Jonah Berger’s STEPPS framework. This NPR story, “What Compels People To Share Certain Videos?” (February 1, 2016) references Berger but offers some additional ideas from Shifman

As an in-class activity, you could discuss Berger’s STEPPS framework and Shifman’s thoughts and ask the students if any of these Super Bowl ads seem to have the potential for pass-along.


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