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Adweek Picks the 10 Best Ads of 2014

It is the time of year when many publications are picking their “Best of” lists. Adweek offers a range of different video ads — almost all of these are longer than the 15 to 30 second spots we see on television. This is a reflection of the fact that many ads are now watched on purpose and online. You can see a great range of different ads (many of them were new to me) in “The 10 Best Ads of 2014” (November 30, 2014). One of my favorites was for UK retailer John Lewis — see below. We also posted this at Learn the 4 Ps

These ads could obviously work when you cover a range of topics — from advertising to segmentation to non-profits and more. You might use them to kick off and motivate a topic or as an example of a concept.

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