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Using AI to Support Your Teaching

We are going to close this school year with a topic that has generated a lot of our posts over the last year. We post on this topic to help us (and hopefully our readers) navigate the use of AI to support our teaching of marketing.

Ethan Mollick, whom regular readers will recognize as someone I frequently cite here atTeach the 4 Ps, has another useful post, “Innovation through prompting” at his One Useful Thing site. This post may be of particular interest to marketers, particularly the part that includes an example of an AI enhanced vending machine that persuades people to buy lemonade (hence my Dall-E 3 created image).

The post refers to a working paper that describes how instructors can use AI prompts to enhance student learning. I suggest reading his post and then downloading their paper for more details. The abstract of this paper offers a better summary than I can write myself:

“This paper explores how instructors can leverage generative AI to create personalized learning experiences for students that transform teaching and learning. We present a range of AI-based exercises that enable novel forms of practice and application including simulations, mentoring, coaching, and co-creation. For each type of exercise, we provide prompts that instructors can customize, along with guidance on classroom implementation, assessment, and risks to consider. We also provide blueprints, prompts that help instructors create their own original prompts. Instructors can leverage their content and pedagogical expertise to design these experiences, putting them in the role of builders and innovators. We argue that this instructor-driven approach has the potential to democratize the development of educational technology by enabling individual instructors to create AI exercises and tools tailored to their students’ needs. While the exercises in this paper are a starting point, not a definitive solutions, they demonstrate AI’s potential to expand what is possible in teaching and learning.”

Mollick, Ethan R. and Mollick, Lilach, Instructors as Innovators: a Future-focused Approach to New AI Learning Opportunities, With Prompts (April 22, 2024). Available at SSRN: https://ssrn.com/abstract=4802463 or http://dx.doi.org/10.2139/ssrn.4802463

This summer I plan to do a deep dive on this paper and see if I can develop some useful prompts that I can use to guide my students’ learning. If I find something useful, I will share it on Teach the 4 Ps. If you develop any great prompts for teaching marketing after reading the Mollicks’ paper, please feel free to share them with me and I can post them here.

Beyond that I don’t plan to post much until we get closer to the beginning of the fall semester. So have a great summer!

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