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“Science Moms” Take on the Marketing of Climate Change Science

An argument can be made the climate crisis is, in large part, a marketing problem. While “97 percent of climate scientists agree that human-caused climate change is happening” (What We Know), many Americans still question whether climate change is real. Even those that acknowledge a problem, often fail to take personal actions that will limit their impact on the planet. This raises the question – what can be done?

This article, “How can we get more people to care about the climate crisis?” (Fast Company, October 11, 2021) suggests the solutions may be related to the messaging (Promotion) and audience (target market). The article provides some historical examples that show how people’s minds can be changed to focus on an important social issue. It also identifies some groups trying to make a difference, including “Science Moms” whose campaign is gaining traction. See example video below…

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