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The most hated brands in America…according to Twitter

This article highlights a new report that highlights the brands that receive the most hate on Twitter. The findings of the study might be fun to show students when you cover either branding (Chapter 8) or maybe marketing research (Chapter 7). The findings are a mix of the expected culprits (Uber might not be a surprise) and mostly unexpected (LEGO, Sony, Netflix). The findings are based on the use of a sentiment analysis tool (which is why you might talk about this when covering marketing research) which focused on 100 of the largest brands and the percentage of Tweets that were positive vs. negative. The article also includes a map that points out the most hated brand in every state.

This article or perhaps simply the graphic with the findings, might be used to stimulate class discussion on the topic of consumer complaining behavior, how firms respond (customer service, Chapter 14), or on the usefulness of sentiment analysis. The design of the research also calls into question whether the research actually identifies the “most hated brands in America” or simply those most complained about on Twitter.

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