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McGraw-Hill Makes Connect Free for Spring 2020 (#M4BW)

We’re reaching out to share some additional details around the efforts McGraw-Hill is making to help support our customers as best we can. After you review this list, please let us know if there is a type of support or resource that you need or that you hear fellow colleagues asking for that we haven’t addressed! After we work through this initial stage of just-in-time support, we will continue to think of ways we can support faculty and engage students in online environments. We are considering a Virtual Guest Lecture series; please let us know if you would be interested/willing to participate!

McGraw-Hill’s efforts at the corporate level:

  •  Connect is now available for free to all who need it (i.e. instructors who weren’t already using Connect – print only adopters and competitive users).
  • The following help site went live last Thursday: https://www.mheducation.com/highered/support/connect/how-to-move-your-course-online
    We hosted a DFC-led webinar on Monday on moving your course online, invites for which went out to all higher ed instructors. We had about 875 attendees, and will be following up with all of them with recordings and help as needed.
    Course-build requests are being addressed and prioritized with an all-hands effort across the company to respond to the demand. So far, we have more than 2,000 such requests and are working through them. (Nicole and I are on the “overflow” team of folks helping to build these courses! ????)
    Social media messaging on MH channels to promote all of the above. Here’s an example from FB:


We are also adding a (growing list) of webinars on various topics. Here is a sampling:

  • Basics of Connect


Program Bitly URL
Basics of Connect http://bit.ly/basicsofconnect
Blackboard Integration http://bit.ly/2X4swXD
Canvas Integration http://bit.ly/2Yb84Rm
D2L Integration http://bit.ly/2WZslrT
Moodle Integration http://bit.ly/2Ya9pYx
Reports and Course Data http://bit.ly/2Fx7xSB
Using Test Builder http://bit.ly/2LgvoJP
SmartBook 2.0 http://bit.ly/2Ng4vZ6

At the Marketing Portfolio level, we began running DFC-led webinars this week on Engaging Students Online with Connecting Marketing: “I was a seated instructor until yesterday….” Nicole posted two brand-new podcasts on COVID-19 to our Marketing Insights podcast series:(go to bit.ly/Marketing_Insights)

We are compiling other ready-made resources (i.e. tutorials on how to assign the Mini Sims) and will continue to add additional resources and tools to support our customers during this challenging time.

Understandably, we’re seeing an effect in terms of takeaway opportunities with presentations that were scheduled having been cancelled, and messaging from hot opportunities that they now don’t have time to further vet materials or consider a change. We’ll be closely monitoring and checking in with these disrupted near-misses as things settle – and of course, for anyone who still wants to talk about changing, we are happy to have those conversations! In the meantime, we’re focused squarely on supporting our customers however we can.

Sending healthy and happy thoughts your way,

Meredith & Nicole

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