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Clever “Influencer” Promotion Example

Your students may find it interesting that a “Woman makes $278 per hour to play [a] board game.” I guess I find that interesting, too, but I think the headline is mostly click bait. What is interesting to a marketing professor may be what a great deal this clever marketing approach might be for Mattel.

22-year old Litzy Santana was hired by the toymaker to play Mattel’s new Uno Quatro game on the streets of New York. As Chief Uno Player her efforts, as explained by marketing professor Jared Watson, will generate buzz for the new game. While Litzy was not a big influencer (she doesn’t have lots of followers) but she might be more influential because of that. This short video might be a good example to share in class when you cover influencers and social media (Chapters 13 and 16).

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