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A Couple of Examples of Companies Trying to Get Green (#M4BW)

Many companies are seeking ways to lower their carbon footprint. Some, just because they want to do the right thing. Others because they want to build a better reputation with millennials. Some for both reasons. Here are a couple of short articles fromĀ Fast Company, that provide some good examples you might use in your class.

The title of the first one gives the top level overview, “Coke’s newest bottle is made from paper“. Consumer throw away millions of plastic Coke bottles every year. Is this a practical and environmentally friendly solution?

As you probably know, eating a more plant based diet might not be healthier just for you — but also for the planet. So a company like Sweetgreen (a restaurant chain focused on salads) is already ahead of the game. It is leaning into that with other efforts to lower its emissions. Read more in “How Sweetgreen plans to cut its carbon footprint in half in the next 6 years.


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