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All the Super Bowl 22 Ads…

What did you think of the Super Bowl? No, not the game — we teach marketing, we watch the ads. I find it fun to show students ads to kick off class for a couple of weeks after the big game. It is fun to ask them about strategy:

  1. Who was the target market for this ad?
  2. What was the promotion objective for this ad?
  3. How would you measure the success of this ad?

The ads get students’ attention. The questions move it from in-class entertainment to a better understanding of many key marketing concepts–and our ultimate goal engagement!

If you want, you can “Watch all the commercials from the 2022 Super Bowl.” My favorite “go-to” site over the years was the USA Today Admeter. That is now behind a pay wall – so you may or may not have access. This rating system is based on popularity — and it can kick off a discussion of whether the advertiser’s goal was to win awards or perhaps build awareness, create positioning, or get action (sales or sign-ups). If you want other people’s opinions, you can start with Fast Company’s The 5 best Super Bowl ads of 2022 (and the worst one)” and read their critique. I love their choice for #1:

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  1. Thanks Joe, for the great info, useful tips and most all those links – all in one place. It’s the time of the year I go hunting for those!

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