Teach the 4 Ps is back!

I apologize for the lack of blog posting for the last few months. During the spring, my revision of Essentials of Marketing, took up more of my time than originally planned. Teach the 4 Ps got squeezed. Then, I fulfilled a long-time goal and rode my bike across the country. I was blogging (about the ride) for a couple of months, but not about marketing. After my bike ride, I came back to a long “honey-do list,” more work on the book, and prep for fall classes.

Of course, all that thinking and reading for the forthcoming 18th edition of Essentials gave me a lot of ideas for posts this fall. I plan to make 1-2 posts a week in much the same manner we usually do—offering you links to articles and videos that might offer some examples and topics for your marketing classes. I hope you find some of them helpful to your teaching.

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