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Meltwater’s 2023 Marketing Trends Report

Keeping up with the fast-moving world of marketing is a real challenge these days. As a textbook author, I feel even more obliged to know what is coming up next. I follow a lot of different websites and agencies. One of them is Meltwater which serves up some great resources.

Meltwater is a $400 million SaaS solution that specializes in global online media monitoring. Meltwater was featured in a CBS News documentary on companies driving innovation. You can watch that 5:58 video below. You might find this video fits well when you cover marketing research (Chapter 7) or earned, owned, and social media (Chapters 15 and 16).

I am signed up for Meltwater emails. They recently sent a link to their 2023 Marketing Trends report.  This 28 page report includes 1-3 pages each on topics relevant to your marketing class, including TikTok (Chapter 16), Short Form Video (Chapters 13 and 16), Social Listening Data (Chapter 7), The Death of Third Party Cookies (Chapters 15 and 16) and much more.

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