Fall Semester Arrives and Teach the 4 Ps Returns…

Just like many of you (I hope), Teach the 4 Ps took some time away from teaching this summer. In fact, I (Joe) was able to travel and see family and friends that I had not seen in at least a couple of years. I hope that you were able to do the same. Like many of you, my last few weeks have been consumed with getting ready for fall classes. Our classes here at Colorado State University start tomorrow. I am the author of an introductory marketing textbook – Essentials of Marketing.

Now that the semester is about to start, I will start making regular posts. This site is designed to support marketing instructors looking for current and interesting marketing examples and activities they can add to their course. The coverage is pretty general, so any marketing instructor can find something of interest here. The “Categories” have general marketing topics and also use “Chapter” numbers keyed to Essentials of Marketing. If you click on the Category chapter number or topic area, you will see a bunch of posts over the years that connect with the topic or chapter. Starting today, I will be posting once or twice a week.

If you have any ideas for posts, please send them to Joe[dot]Cannon[at]colostate.edu.


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