Some ideas for how your students can use ChatGPT to support their learning

I have frequently mentioned and linked to Ethan Mollick and his “One Useful Thing” blog. This past fall he published a series of articles in Harvard’s Inspiring Minds website. The five articles are listed below. Below that, I asked ChatGPT to provide a summary of the last article–just to give you a better idea of its content. I found that to be the most useful of the articles, though you may find otherwise, depending on how you like to teach.

The article “AI as Learner” discusses innovative ways of using AI in education, particularly focusing on its role in teaching and learning. It emphasizes the concept of students teaching AI, using structured prompts to challenge their understanding and critique AI’s interpretations. This approach helps students to assess their knowledge, identify gaps, and understand the limitations and strengths of AI. The article suggests practical ways to implement this method, highlighting its potential to enhance learning by making students actively engage with and rectify AI-generated content.

For marketing professors, this concept can be used to encourage deeper understanding among students. By having students explain marketing concepts to AI and evaluate its responses, they can solidify their knowledge and critically engage with AI-generated marketing strategies or consumer behavior analyses. This method also prepares students for a future where AI plays a significant role in marketing.

This article summary was initially generated by ChatGPT and then edited by the author.

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