New Year’s Resolution: More active learning in the college classroom

Let’s kick off the new year right — and resolve to add more active learning to your classroom.

I recently received an email from Harvard Business School that touted three articles promoting active learning in the college classroom. Check these out for more ideas about how to create a more engaging class for your students:

  • Overcoming Peer Learning Phobia” describes Harvard Kennedy School lecturer Tim O’Brien’s use of the Socratic method in his classes. I like that this article offers some practical, easy-to-implement practices you can add to your class.
  • Next, in “Why All Classes Should Be Safe and Noisy,” Rutgers University Professor of Teaching Patricia O’Brien-Richardson offers five specific in-class strategies.

All these articles cite research that supports the approach. Just one more reason to email (send to Joe.Cannon at colostate.edu) and ask for your free copy of Flip Your Marketing Classroom and for samples of our In-Class Activities designed specifically for Essentials of Marketing. Check them out and try something new in your marketing class.


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