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The most sustainable companies in America are beating the market (#M4BW)

Regular readers, and those who have already seen the 17th edition of Essentials of Marketing know that we believe business can contribute to making a better, more sustainable world — without necessarily sacrificing profits in the process. Barron’s recently posted an article on this topic, and while the real thing is behind a paywall, I found this copy online (I hope it lasts there for your review).

After Barron‘s ranked the 100 most sustainable companies (#1 Texas Instruments), it compared their stock market returns in 2019 (+34.5%) with those of the S&P 500 (+31.5%). The article is optimistic that this trend will continue. Why? Some of the reasons given in the article include:

  • These companies attract employees — people want to work there,
  • They are better at employee retention,
  • Good environmental policies lower costs,
  • Customers want to do business with these companies,
  • Investors want to buy into sustainable companies.
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