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What’s Now? Chapter 16 – Snapchat breaks through

snapchatlogoWhen we were researching and writing chapter 16, Snapchat was a somewhat distant 6th place finisher in the social media race. Just one year later — which shows how fast this space is changing — Snapchat is a real player, especially when targeting Generation Z (those born since 1995). More importantly for marketing managers, Snapchat appears to have figured out an advertising strategy — while Twitter and Instagram continue to struggle in that area. Hubspot’s Marketing blog identifies “10 of the Best Brands on Snapchat Right Now (And Why They’re So Great)” (April 27, 2016).

This article is long – so read the first section and then choose to review 2 of the 10 examples. Explain why you think each “works.” Consider what you learn in chapters 13 – 16 about promotion objectives, target markets, and message. 

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