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Dunkin’ Update

One of my favorite chapter openers is the Dunkin’ opener to Chapter 7 (Marketing Research). This case study describes a wide range of marketing research that Dunkin’ utilizes to support its marketing strategy planning. But after reading “Diehard Dunkin’ Donuts customers are outraged over the company’s new rewards program: ‘It’s absolutely egregious’,” (Fortune, October 10, 2022) I am wondering if the company did enough marketing research before changing its program. This article shows the outrage that some of its customers have at the cutbacks and the way it was announced. The changes make the program less generous. I might cut a few of the customer quotes from this article and paste them into my slides, and ask students what they think.

This story might provide discussion fodder when you cover marketing research (Chapter 7) and/or sales promotion (Chapter 15).

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