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Will TikTok Take Over the World?

Will TikTok become a new retailing powerhouse? It looks like it is going to give it a try. TikTok rose from obscurity to became the hottest social media platform today. It already has a fast-growing advertising business. But now it looks like it might be planning to take on Amazon and become an online retailer. Spurred by the Internet and Amazon, the retailing space has been increasingly innovative in the last decade.

Read more about TikTok’s recent moves and Amazon-chasing ambitions in “Scoop: TikTok chases Amazon with plans for U.S. fulfilment centers” (Axios, October 11, 2022) and for a deeper dive with some excellent analysis “TikTok’s secret plans for an online shopping empire in the U.S.” (Semafor, October 20, 2022).

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