Breakfast Cereal Package Helps with Early Identification of Color Blindness

Simple story and example of Marketing for a Better World. Sometimes clever marketing aligns a brand while making for a better world. “While people can live perfectly normal lives with color blindness, it helps to be aware of the condition. That goes double for children, who can be put in a disadvantage at school, where color is frequently used to convey information.” (Trendwatching). This Trendwatching story showed me how Kellogg’s made some changes to its Froot Loops box, turning it into a color blindness test. Of course, an image of the cereal looks pretty similar to the traditional Ishihara test for color blindness (if you cannot see the 15 inside the circle, you might be color blind).

These images might be a nice image addition to your slide deck for Chapter 8 (packaging).

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