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Promotion Through Influencers

While many promotional strategies are ageless, to be most effective you need to know how to fine-tune your strategy for your target market.  If you’re targeting a particular age-group of individuals, you may be able to capitalize on generational trends.  Authenticity is becoming increasingly important to consumers, particularly to millennials and Gen Z.  This article, “‘This Is A Business Now’: YouTube Stars Influence Generation Z’s Fashion Tastes“, discusses how one woman, Rhea Park, took her interest in fashion and turned it into a business by posting videos of herself modeling and reviewing various outfits.  She has over 250K followers and those followers trust her reviews more than they would trust content found on the designer’s website because Rhea’s videos are perceived as unbiased and authentic.  In Chapter 16 we refer to this as Earned Media, promotional strategies not directly generated by the company or brand, but rather by third parties such as Rhea.

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