Which countries have the largest proportion of senior citizens?

In Chapter 3 we discuss the aging global population. While much of the data is from the United States, we also share international data and discuss the aging population in Japan, which is one country with a fast-growing senior population. This article from Statista, “The World’s Aging Societies” (September 22, 2022) came across my desk recently. I found it interesting that while only 9.6% of the world’s population is over age 65, there are several countries that have more than 20%.

It might be fun to add this graphic to your PowerPoint slides when lecturing on Chapter 3. It might be used to stimulate discussion about what types of goods and services these countries will need. And it might introduce them to a new country (Did you know there was a country named Saint Helena? I didn’t. And it’s technically not a country but a “British Overseas Territory”).

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