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Pre-Super Bowl Advertising Roundup…

The teams are set (my Packers failed in the divisional round) and so are the advertisers. Super Bowl ads are always fun to show in class. And of course you can usually find a way to link most ads with key marketing concepts, including segmentation and targeting, competition, promotion objectives, advertising, branding, and more. It is also good to remind students that funny ads are not necessarily good ads–an advertiser should have specific promotion objectives and it should fit within a broader IMC campaign.

Here are some links where you can learn more 12 days before the big game. These articles, all with video content, give you an idea of what’s coming on the biggest advertising day of the year. This year advertisers are paying about $6.5 million for each 30 second spot. This AdWeek article offers a “Complete List of 2024 Super Bowl Commercials” (and appears to be open access, which isn’t usually true for this site). Some brands are showing full commercials, but many now use “teasers.” This article at The Drum, shows many of the teasers and promises continuous updating. This ABC News article appears to be one of the most up-to-date mixing in brief snippets on the ad and/or the brand with either the full ad or a teaser. For a slightly deeper dive, see Marketing Dive’s Super Bowl LVIII: Tracking Every Ad.” The M&Ms and Doritos ads promise to be funny and popular.

Look here the day after Super Bowl LVIII for links to articles that might review ads.

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