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What’s Now? Chapter 2 – Hungry Harvest Tackles Food Waste and Hunger

hungry-harvest-logo-picture-600The website brandchannel has launched a series of short case study articles. A team of Yale MBA students evaluate a purpose-driven startup and offer some marketing strategy recommendations.  We used a different case from this series in chapter 1. In this case (see “Hungry Harvest – No Food Waste, No Hunger, brandchannel, April 25, 2016), Hungry Harvest tries to tackle two seemingly dichotomous problems – food waste and hunger. It tries to put some of the 40% of produced grown in the U.S. that goes to waste with into the mouths of 50 million poor Americans who don’t get enough food.

From the Hungry Harvest case, give at least one example of each of the elements of the marketing strategy planning process model (see Exhibit 2-9).

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