Pioneering Advertising


I’m always on the lookout for current content that can be used to illustrate the concepts discussed in my marketing classes.  Students especially enjoy video clips so when I can find commercials or other video clips that fit with class content that feels like a home run.  Advertising is often taught at this time in the semester so our next few blog posts will focus on current advertisements that illustrate the various forms of advertising covered in Chapter 15 of Essentials of Marketing.

This post covers pioneering advertising.  As we explain in the textbook, pioneering advertising is more focused on creating primary (or category) demand rather than selective demand.  This is most applicable in the earliest stages of the product life cycle and helps educate customers about the existence and potential value of a product they might be unaware of.  This advertisement for Google Home does a great job of illustrating that concept.  It doesn’t talk about advantages versus competing products, instead it focuses on various uses of the product.

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