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Combining Sports and Social Media Can Create Promotion Synergy

Posted by Joe Cannon

2013-12-23-huffpo4 2If done right a combination of sports (with broad appeal across many target markets) and social media can have a big impact. For some good examples, check out these two articles from the Huffington Post (posted December 26, 2013 and part 2 on January 13, 2014). The author of the article “scoured the web for five examples of the most creative, results-driven sports influencer endorsements that have aligned brand values with the right sports influencer, reached the right target audience, and generated real results.” The examples also provide some concrete results.

This should work well when you cover endorsements, advertising and promotion. If your students are like mine, many of them love sports and brands like Nike, Foot Locker, and Mercedes which (along with two smaller brands) are featured here.

The latest in sports marketing – Ethnic Heritage nights at NBA games

Posted by Joe Cannon

Many of my students enjoy sports — and examples of creative marketing by sports teams tends to capture their attention.  This article in the Wall Street Journal, “NBA Game Promises to be a Turkey?  Call In the Turks — or the Filipinos,” (January 19, 2011 – non-subscribers may have to click here)  shows some classic target marketing efforts by the National Basketball Association — and they seem to be working.  For example, the Sacramento Kings, one of the worst teams in the league, are drawing big crowds on Jewish Heritage nights in Toronto, Washington, Atlanta, and Boston.  Why?  They have the leagues only Israeli, Omri Casspi.  Teams have give away yarmulkes and provided kosher foods to further appeal to the Jewish fan.

You might want to show this video in class, and then ask your students what other organizations could offer similar special nights?  How could they increase their appeal to such a target market?   This was also posted over at Learn the 4 Ps.

“Pricing Baseball Tickets Like Airline Seats”

Posted by Joe Cannon

SF GiantsWe are all familiar, at least with the concept, of dynamic (or time-based) pricing.  Airlines are the most common example, raising and lowering fares over time on a particular flight to optimize the number of passengers and profits.  Many services have very low marginal costs — for example it costs very little to add one more passenger to a flight that is not full.  Well now a recently minted Economics PhD has developed models to do this for sports tickets — and the San Francisco Giants (baseball) are using it to adjust prices.  It is nice to give an example that is not from the airline industry.  Check out.  “Pricing Baseball Tickets Like Airline Seats” (Bloomberg BusinessWeek, May 20, 2010).

Video: “Spain a World Cup Favorite for Ads”

Posted by Joe Cannon

The World Cup is a huge sponsorship opportunity — especially in Spain.  I spent almost a year in Spain while on sabbatical a few years ago — they love their soccer.  This short (2:17) video clips might provide an international example to use when you talk about sales promotion or sponsorship  “Spain a World Cup Favorite for Ads” (

New Television Commercial – Coca Cola Snowball

Posted by Joe Cannon

Here is a new ad from Coca Cola that ties into the Olympics.  Does a nice job reinforcing the happiness positioning (see earlier post) — and everyone (o.k., lots of people) like these Olympic athletes have fun together themes.